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Navigating Political Tensions: What Taiwan’s Elections Mean for Your Organization

In an ever-changing global landscape, the potential impacts of political events on supply chains cannot be overlooked. With the Taiwanese National Election scheduled for January 13th, 2024, businesses are urged to assess and prepare for potential supply chain interruptions arising from heightened political tensions between the US, China, and Taiwan.

During the recent risk management community discussion for 2023, the escalating political scenario emerged as a key concern for 2024. The election presents a two-party race between the Progressive Democratic Party (DPP), characterized by its independent-centric stance, and the Kuomintang (KMT) Party, known for favoring national identity and reunification with China. As a crucial date looms ahead, business owners need to proactively evaluate their supply chains to identify any dependencies on Taiwan.

The DPP, currently leading in polls, has sparked tensions and frustrations in China with its bold assertion: “Independence is not required because we’re already an independent nation.” This stance has heightened concerns and set the stage for potential repercussions, depending on the election outcome.

As responsible business owners, it is imperative to allocate time for reflection and analysis. Take a moment to scrutinize your supply chain, confirming any links or dependencies on Taiwan. This proactive approach will enable organizations to anticipate and navigate potential challenges that may arise based on the election results.

In a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, staying informed and prepared is the key to ensuring the resilience of your organisation’s supply chain. The Taiwanese elections serve as a timely reminder for businesses to assess their vulnerabilities and take strategic measures to mitigate risks associated with political uncertainties.