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Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Risk Management

Our vision is to bring clarity and awareness to risk management to empower leaders to confidently respond and seize opportunities

Achieve risk management clarity

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Without risk there is no reward and an ability to assess and manage risk is a crucial organisational capability all contemporary organisations must harness not just to survive but to thrive. We bring clarity and awareness to risk management to empower leaders to confidently respond and seize opportunities


Risk is like fire; If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you

-Theodore Roosevelt

Let us help you harness risk


When organisations in highly regulated, high risk sectors are faced with the pressure of regulatory change, they need to respond effectively to improve their performance for both compliance and business growth. But with ever more complexity and compliance it is difficult for these teams to stay up to date , increasing the organisation’s risk exposure and the likelihood of claims, fines and litigation.This risk exposure can contribute to the prospect of reputational damage and increased costs.

Our current business landscape needs to consider all emerging risks including cyber risk, climate change and ESG among others. Combined with ongoing volatility and disruption, traditional approaches to risk management fail to keep pace with these changes and do not always recognise these emerging risks.
Eliminate avoidable costs, reduce threats and even turn risks into strategic opportunities.The Mindful Risk Group are experts in risk management and will ensure your organisation is prepared for all the business risks it may face. As your risk consultant, we provide you tailored advice and have worked across a variety of industry sectors.



We assist your organisation to identify gaps and imminent risk exposures that could result in avoidable non-compliance costs as well as lost opportunities in both Enterprise Risk and Work Health and Safety Risk.

Our team of professional risk consultants can identify and address gaps in the systems and processes your organisation uses to manage risk and safety. We will give you the confidence to make defensible decisions that are ethical and transparent in the eyes of stakeholders and regulators.

We use our proprietary Risk, Control, Prioritisation and Assurance Method RCPA to help you understand your imminent exposure and prioritise and manage risks for compliance and performance.

Whether it’s assuring Work Health and Safety management systems, facilitating risk assessment workshops,creating risk frameworks or preparing your organisation for external audits from regulators or certification bodies, our world leading expertise will assist you to anticipate future challenges before they occur and identify opportunities before your competitors.

Our team are world class risk advisors,  facilitators, educators and problem solvers. We use our proprietary methods and platforms to deliver facilitated risk analysis programs online and in person aligned to relevant and recognised methods in contemporary best practice standards such as ISO 31000:2018 and ISO45001.

Take your risk assessment to the next level and build performance outcomes , compliance and positive team cultures by engaging The Mindful Risk group to facilitate your next organisational risk assessment.

Our team are recognised educators, authors and trainers in contemporary capability building processes for both Work Health and Safety and Risk. Our world leading interactive and online content based programs which include online, in person and self paced will allow your team to gain competitive advantage through building and applying risk management skills to topic areas such as:

  1. WHS Due Diligence for Officers and Directors
  2. WHS Basics for People Leaders
  3. Risk Management Fundamentals
  4. Understanding risk appetite and tolerance and  developing risk appetite statements
  5. From crisis to opportunity-supercharging organisational risk and resilience capability

If a significant event or crisis impacts your organisation we can support your organisation to respond, mitigate risk and recover to be more resilient  than before.

Our risk consulting services include:

  • Work Health and Safety Incident Investigation services (including subject to Legal Professional Privilege)
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Audit and support services during special administration periods and insolvency processes

If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s a risky business

Gary Cohn



We take the hard stuff and make it simple

The world of risk management is full of detailed concepts, legislation, standards, complexity and compliance requirements. We break it down into simple, digestible pieces of learning for you to absorb.

We facilitate practical outcomes and real cut through

We know you’re time poor and don’t need another dose of jargon and acronyms,so we break down concepts and techniques into practical tool, models and outcomes so you can get on with running your organisation

We have deep expertise and experience in risk and safety

We are recognised authors, educators, media commentators and consultants so when you work with us you are accessing contemporary ,world class expertise supported by real experience in real global organisations.

We think differently about managing risk

Risk Management has traditionally been about downside protection and threats of non-compliance. We believe that in a volatile disrupted contemporary world, risk management must be used as a strategic advantage to keep your organisation one step ahead of your competitors and ready to anticipate the next crisis or disruptive event

We bring energy to everything we do

We are passionate and energetic about everything we do and we build energy and enthusiasm in the organisations we work with to empower leaders to create strategic advantage through risk management

We get to know your business and genuinely care

Each and every organisation we work with is only as good as the people within it and we recognise the amazing advantage a high performance team can bring to an organisation. When you work with The Mindful Risk Group, we want to engage directly with your people and understand the vision and passion that drives your organisation


The Mindful Risk team have worked with Firstchance for a number of years now and have become trusted advisors on all things risk management, business continuity planning and unfortunately pandemic management as well. James and Bron are a passionate and energetic team who understand the unique challenges our organisation faces and provide us with quality and professional ongoing

Firstchance NSW

The Mindful Risk Team delivers a professional and high quality WHS and Risk advisory service to the ALC that takes into account the unique challenges that we face as an organisation. Bron, James and the team make the subject matter engaging and fun and our staff appreciate the passion and enthusiasm they bring to the work they do.

The Anindilyakwa Land Council

HIC Services have worked with the Mindful Risk Team for a number of years and we can always count on James, Bron and the Team to provide a professional and trusted advisory service on all things Governance, Risk Management and WHS.

HIC Services


What is a risk assessment and how is it conducted?

A risk assessment is a component of the risk management process. Risk assessment allows you to quantify or assess the risks and hazards you have identified as being relevant to your business. This process then allows you to prioritise the risks based on the outcome of your assessment so that you can quickly pay attention to your highest priorities.

What is the difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance

Risk appetite is most commonly described as the amount or level of risk an organisation is prepared to accept in pursuit of an organisational objective. It is usually expressed in words( qualitatively) EG Low, Medium, High. Risk Tolerance is most commonly described as the degree of variability the organisation will tolerate in pursuit of an organisational objective without ceasing or modifying the activity. It is usually expressed in numbers (quantitatively) EG +5% -10%. An example of how this could be expressed might sound like this; We have a high risk appetite for undertaking this IT innovation project but have a risk tolerance of 10% budget overrun on this project. If this overrun is exceeded the project must be put on hold until activities are undertaken to bring costs back within risk tolerance.

What can I do to understand how well my organisation is performing in work health and safety?

One key activity you can undertake is to complete a gap analysis or audit of your system. This can include reviewing your policies and procedures, your training and induction systems and your consultation methods to establish how well they have been implemented in your business. ISO 45001 provides great guidance in this area!

How often should I complete an audit of my risk registered Work Health and Safety Management System?

It is important to remain current and contemporary, so we advise reviewing your systems and registers regularly, but especially following any regulatory changes or legislative updates, or if you have had a significant incident or event within your business. You should include constant monitoring and review as part of your regular business practice.

How do I know if my risk controls are working and can I be prosecuted if they aren’t ?

Risk controls demonstrate the way in which your organisation is controlling the risks it faces. Some  risk controls are mandated by legislation, such as the use of the Hierarchy of Controls for Work Health & Safety risks. You should review your risk controls on a regular basis to ensure that they haven’t been impacted by either internal or external change and that they are still fit for purpose and working as intended.