Master Risk Management


The Mindful Risk Group has a number of product solutions for your risk management and WHS business needs. Click on the links below to find out more about each of these or contact us directly if you would like to discuss your requirements. 

Enterprise Risk Management for NFP Organisations

Risk Management is a critical component of an organisation’s overall Governance. This framework typically contains formal processes that guide Board decision making as well as standards and expectations of conduct regarding risk management for both individual directors and the Board. 

For Organisations

Workplace Health & Safety Audits

All organisations have WHS obligations under current legislation, with managers leaders, workers and others all having very specific requirements. But how do you know if your safety system that was put in place is working effectively, is fit for it’s purpose and operating as intended? This is where a WHS Audit can support leaders. 

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

In the constantly evolving landscape of business, one undeniable truth stands tall: crisis and disruption events are inevitable. From pandemics, cyber attacks, fraud & corruption, supply chain failures and natural disasters, we’ve all borne witness to the impacts these unanticipated events can have on organisations, often with significant financial and reputational outcomes. Enquire now about our range of Executive Masterclasses which can support you to be on the front foot with your organisation’s Crisis Management program!

Mindful Risk Capability Statement

Understanding and managing risk is crucial to achieving your business goals. The Mindful Risk Group believes that risk management is not about taking no risk- rather it is about taking informed and calculated risk. We work with organisations with multi-layered legislative obligations across multiple regulators. 


The Mindful Risk Group: Indigenous Services

The Mindful Risk Group are currently supporting a number of Aboriginal Land Councils and Aboriginal Medical Service organisations across Australia to assist with their Risk management, Governance and workplace safety requirements