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While many organisations focus on developing policies and procedures, The Mindful Risk Group provides bespoke workplace health and safety consulting services that incorporates human behaviour, team dynamic and workplace culture alongside legislative and regulatory requirements.

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Workplace Health & Safety

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In Australia, all businesses are required to satisfy strict WHS requirements driven by legislation, standards and codes of practice. Compliant and embedded WHS Management System can help minimise the risk of facing legal action in the event of a workplace incident and can support a positive working environment for your staff and others.

The Mindful Risk Group can support you to enhance and improve your safety management system, can undertake a WHS audit to allow you to gauge your current performance and identify areas of improvement or non-compliance. Our workplace health & safety consultants can support you with systems, documents and training to further embed your safety program, ensuring all workplace safety obligations are fulfilled, all the while partnering with you to achieve your desired safety culture.

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Risk is like fire; If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you

-Theodore Roosevelt

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Experienced and Professional Expert Advice to Guide Your Work Safety Journey

The Mindful Risk team are recognised thought leaders in Workplace Health and Safety. Our team all have real world expertise from highly regulated sectors such as mining, financial services, government and logistics. This is supported by expertise gathered from over 30 years of experience as educators, authors, policy and legislation advisors to government and senior business leaders.

We are outcomes focussed safety professionals, so you can rely on us identifying imminent risk exposures for your organisation and providing focussed & tailored advice to deliver compliance and performance in WHS.


Workplace Health & Safety Services

Whether your organisation needs to confirm its compliant with legislation or its looking to attain or maintain external certification, our Workplace Health & Safety audit services will give you assurance that you need to sleep soundly at night

Our team of experts can assist your organisation to develop contemporary and concise documents and frameworks for workplace health and safety so that your organisation can communicate with impact and build capability in WHS

World class training and facilitation programs on topics including:

  • WHS Risk Management
  • The development of Safe Work Method Statements and Safe Operating Procedures
  • WHS Due Diligence Training for leaders
  • Consultation and WHS Committee Training

The Executive Directors of The Mindful Risk Group can act on your behalf by providing expert testimony in the event of litigation related to work health and safety incidents. This experience has been honed from many decades of experience in investigating serious workplace health and safety incidents in numerous industry sectors.

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Why Mindful Risk?

Our vision is to  bring clarity and awareness to risk management to empower leaders to confidently respond and seize opportunities

We take the hard stuff and make it simple

Work Health and Safety is often viewed as too complex and many organisations don’t know where to start, we help cut through the white noise and understand WHS in simple terms

We facilitate practical outcomes and real cut through

You might have been lawyered to death in the past on WHS. Our Workplace Health and Safety consultants will help you understand legislation and generate real and practical outcomes that your organisation can apply for performance

We have deep expertise and experience in risk and safety

Our team have real world experience in WHS in real operational environment in high risk sectors such as mining as well as being recognised authors, educators and presenter on the subject

We think differently about managing risk

Risk was traditionally thought about as downside protection or insurance. We believe that effectively managing risk, including risk assessment, and WHS leads to competitive advantage

We bring energy to everything we do

Our experienced team of WHS consultants bring a vibrant and passionate energy to a topic that has often been viewed as uninteresting

We get to know your business and genuinely care

Most WHS consultancies only focus on compliance and policies, we know that real success in WHS is about people and we invest in your organisation and the people that make it successful


The Mindful Risk team have worked with Firstchance for a number of years now and have become trusted advisors on all things risk management, business continuity planning and unfortunately pandemic management as well. James and Bron are a passionate and energetic team who understand the unique challenges our organisation faces and provide us with quality and professional ongoing

Firstchance NSW

The Mindful Risk Team delivers a professional and high quality WHS and Risk advisory service to the ALC that takes into account the unique challenges that we face as an organisation. Bron, James and the team make the subject matter engaging and fun and our staff appreciate the passion and enthusiasm they bring to the work they do.

The Anindilyakwa Land Council

HIC Services have worked with the Mindful Risk Team for a number of years and we can always count on James, Bron and the Team to provide a professional and trusted advisory service on all things Governance, Risk Management and WHS.

HIC Services


Who is responsible for WHS in an organisation?

Under Australian legislation, and as detailed in the Workplace Health and Safety Act, we are all responsible for WHS at work. We are all duty holders whether we are the PCBU, Officers, Workers or Others. And some of us hold more than one duty! These duties are personal and whilst we might engage others to perform certain tasks, duty holders retain the final responsibility for their WHS duties. All duty holders, including workers, can be prosecuted for failing to meet their duties.

What are the fines and how much are they if I get prosecuted for not meeting WHS legislation obligations?

The types and magnitude of the fines can vary depending upon the prosecution being made, the state it occurred in and the level of severity of the offence. Some fines can be $000’s, but some can be over $1m, and you can no longer insure your way out of paying for your fines!

What is the difference between a Workplace Health and Safety Hazard and a Workplace Health and Safety Risk?

The Australian and International Standard for WSH, AS/NZS ISO 45001 defines a hazard as “source with a potential to cause injury and ill-health”. This standard defines risk as “effect of uncertainty”. In simpler terms, think of it this way – the hazard is the thing that will cause the harm, the risk is the outcome when you interact with the hazard. Some examples could be
Hazard – electricity – Risk – electrocution
Hazard – a ladder – Risk – climbing it and falling off

How do I meet WHS Due Diligence requirements and what does this mean for Officers?

Officers in organisations are required to exercise Due Diligence with regard to WHS in their business. There are many ways that Officers can go out exercising their Due Diligence requirements, however essentially it means that Officers must understand the hazards and risks of their business and must understand how these hazards and risks are being controlled and managed. Officers should regularly receive reports on hazards, risks and incidents and also give consideration to all hazards and risks when changing business practices, implementing new ways of working and when acquiring new businesses.

Can I get insurance to cover me in the event of a Workplace Health and Safety Incident occurring in my organisation?

PCBUs can take out insurance with regard to managing any legal costs associated with any court or legal action. However it is not possible in Australia to take out insurance to cover the fines or penalties that may result from a WHS prosecution.