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Structured What If Analysis Technique…. The Instagram story of risk management methods ????

Title: SWIFT Risk Assessment: Your Tactical Advantage in a Volatile World

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, staying ahead of potential risks is crucial. Enter SWIFT, the Structured What-If Analysis Technique, a contemporary risk management method that provides a tactical edge.

Think of SWIFT as the Instagram story of risk assessments: it gives you a snapshot of “hot button” issues in the moment. Unlike more elaborate techniques, SWIFT offers a quick temperature check, making it perfect for periods of innovation, change, or disruption.

How does SWIFT work?

It’s simple! A facilitator guides a brainstorming session, using prompt words (like timing, amount, or disruption) to trigger “what if” questions.

For example, the prompt word “disruption” could lead to the question: “What if our organization couldn’t access any of our physical premises?” This question then opens up a discussion around potential impacts and mitigation strategies.

Why choose SWIFT?

  • Minimal preparation: SWIFT doesn’t require extensive research or data gathering.
  • Facilitator-led: An experienced facilitator can guide the process and ensure productive discussions.
  • Focused and efficient: SWIFT hones in on current risks and concerns, providing actionable insights.
  • Adaptable: SWIFT can be tailored to any industry or organization.

The Bottom Line:

In a world of constant change, SWIFT offers a powerful tool to identify and address emerging risks. It’s a tactical advantage that can help your organization navigate disruption and maintain a competitive edge.

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