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Risk Management Fundamentals

10 lessons • 90 mins

$220 (USD)

Risk management is a discipline that all business professionals need to understand and embrace.

Develop the capability and skills to anticipate problems before they occur and identify opportunities before your competition.

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Risk Management Fundamentals:
An Online Self Paced Course

Risk management is a discipline that all business professionals need to understand and embrace. Not only is risk management a great input into business decision making and strategy, it helps us to navigate through ongoing volatility and disruption, when  traditional approaches may fail to keep pace and do not always recognise emerging risks.

Our current business landscape needs to consider all the traditional risks on our registers such as financial, reputational, legal, safety, people and insurance risks – but must also now incorporate emerging risks such as cyber risk, climate change, ESG and supply chain, to name a few!

Do you need support to develop or refresh your risk management skills? 

Our online program “Risk Management Fundamentals” is just what you need! This 90 minute course takes you through all the basics of risk management, using easy to understand language to outline the process, detail categories of risk and explain risk assessment techniques. We also use real-life case studies to demonstrate proactive risk management, and the cost of not managing risk!
The program includes downloadable assets including a risk register template as well as risk assessment technique templates. This allows you to keep them for use in your business!

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Learning Objectives

After successful completion of this course you will learn:

  • Where Risk Management fits as part of contemporary business practice
  • How to deploy risk management techniques to identify both blind spots and opportunities
  • How to confidently guide your organisation in understanding and applying risk management techniques
  • Why good risk management enhances business growth
  • How to ask informed and relevant questions about risk management activities in your organisation

Join the global community of leaders who use risk management as a competitive advantage !!

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Course Content

Introduction to Fundamentals of Risk Management 90 min
  • Chapter 1 What is Risk and Risk Management?
  • Chapter 2 Dispelling the Myths Around Risk
  • Chapter 3 Using Risk Management as a Growth Tool
  • Chapter 4 The Cost of Not Managing Risk
  • Chapter 5 Categories of Risk
  • Chapter 6 The Risk Management Process
  • Chapter 7 Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Chapter 8 Risk Management Frameworks
  • Chapter 9 Risk Treatment Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance
  • Chapter 10 Wrap Up
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Pricing & Payment

The course price is $220.00 (USD)

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You will receive a certificate of completion, following successfully finishing the course

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The modules and learning overall couldn’t have been a better length of time, I was able to stay alert and engaged throughout. The language being used was clear and easy to understand. It all made sense. I really valued hearing a fresh take on risk and found chapters 1 & 2 to be particularly insightful. It can be difficult when you’re in a risk management role to explain to other people what risk and risk management is! Flow of each module is seamless, and the order of the modules are simply excellent.

Risk Analyst, New Zealand

I was captivated by its well-structured modules and interactive materials. Each topic was presented in a concise and engaging manner, ensuring that I grasped the concepts quickly. The instructors, true experts in the field, not only possessed an in-depth understanding of risk management but also possessed the ability to convey complex ideas effortlessly, making the learning process both enlightening and enjoyable. As someone who has been seeking to enhance my knowledge in risk management, this module exceeded my expectations. It empowered me with risk management strategies, frameworks and practical analytical tools to put the theoretical knowledge into practice with my team.

Chris Catchpole, Head of Preventative Health (Coal Services)

An excellent and comprehensive plain english journey on the science of all areas of risk management suitable for a target audience ranging from operational leaders to statutory officials and leaders

Statutory Underground Mining Engineering Manager, NSW
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